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Our complements to Janelle and her expertise in helping us get our forever home.

She was professional and diligent in keeping everyone connected and informed. Our 2 week escrow made this the perfect solution. Many thanks!!

M & R, California

Janelle is genuinely one of the smartest people I've met and huge inspiration all around.

She navigated a really tricky land purchase in a far away county with such expertise, she was clear and concise with the potential challenges and avenues every step of the way. She negotiated, identified legal problems and solved them, and organized/conducted various remote parties with such speed it was incredible. As recent college graduates, Janelle really set a standard to what it means to be a Professional and how to get things done. Truly a blessing to have run into her in Los Osos and very excited to work with her again!

Kathir - Buyer Client

In a world full of mixed results, it is a true breath of fresh air when you come across a knowledgeable and competent person who puts professionalism and client journey above all else.

I could not recommend Janelle highly enough to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Aaron Stireman

Janelle was awesome throughout the entire home purchasing process.

She was involved and instrumental in so many aspects, from providing great resources, implementing negotiation strategies and even helped pre-approve permitting with the City for challenging construction projects! Through it all she kept my goals and interest in the forefront. Highly recommend!!!

Josh Ciraulo

Janelle helped us purchase our first investment home!

I'm so grateful we found her! I had been searching the MLS in Paso Robles and found a good deal and went to find an agent quickly. She got us a viewing of the home immediately which was great because they only showed the home for 4 days. There were 6 offers and she went into it trying to find what the owners were looking for, and so we offered small things that made it a great deal for the owners and our bid won! She made the process (well the part she covered) feel seamless. She set up inspections within 2-3 days of our bid winning so we had a good amount of time to work out contingencies within our 30 day closing. These inspections led to us meeting professional folks who will help with renovations outside of our abilities. I had a lender issue, and she got me in touch with a new lender, who was also phenomenal and we were still able to get everything worked out within about 14-17 days so we had no delays in closing. She has great connections and she is very genuine. She's going to help you set up a deal, help you recognize little steps to make the process smoother, and walk you through the general set backs that come with the home purchasing process. I spent closing week waiting for drama, and it never came, because she set us up so well for success. I'm so grateful I found her and would highly recommend her. If you read reviews of her outside of here, it's easy to see she's very personable, approachable and caring. She gets to the root of what you're wanting and what the other real estate team is wanting to make it work well, and I hope we're able to work together again soon.

Jackie Trudeau

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